Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin South East Asia collection
Year of release 1996
Main characteristics Tropical OP radish variety, potentiality of seed production locally. Root are cylindrical with attractive pink color, not hairy leaf, as a result very suitable for leafy vegetable. Brunch root not there, not hollow inside of radish. Radish 25-35 cm long. Each radish weight 800-900g. Tasty and slight pungency. Life time 70-80 days and 145-155 days for seed production.
Planting season and time Optimum sowing time September to October
Harvesting time Become ready for harvest after 40-45 days of sowing and up to almost 75 days suitable for edible.
Yield 55-60t/ha, seed yield 0.9-1.1t/ha
Quality of the product Edible roots are very crispy and slight pungent.


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