BARI Sarisa-11


Main Features of the Variety

Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Local and exotic germplasm.
Year of release 2001
Main characteristics Late planting potential, plant height 120-130 cm, 3-5  primary branches are present in each plant, branched is produced from main stem with slight up to soil, leaf light green, leaf with petiole  and rough, blooming flower in downward position on axils, flower yellow, number of siliqua /plant 75-150,  two chambers are present in pod, seed/siliqua 12-15, seed color pink, 1000 seed weight 3.5-4.0 g, seed weight is greater than another rai sarisa. It is also cultivated as late variety after harvest of aman rice.


Planting season and time Rabi season, Mid October to Mid November
Harvesting time Ripening time 105-110 days
Yield Yield 2-2.5t/ha, yield is 20-25% greater than Dolot variety
Resistance/tolerance Drought and salt tolerant


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