Scientific name      : Psidium guajava L.

Bangla/local name: ‘Peyara’






Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)


Kingdom Plantae


Division Magnoliophyta
Class   Magnoliopsida
Subclass Rosidae
Order  Myrtales
Family Myrtaceae
Genus Psidium
Species P. guajava

Botanical Description

Habit: perennial tree



Root: tap root system

Stem: a small tree



Figure: Stem anatomy of guava

K1600_BARI peyara. leaf. ventral_2

Figure: Guava lea

K1600_BARI peyara. leaf. dorsal_2

Figure: Dorsal side of guava leaf



Figure: Leaf anatomy of guava











Inflorescence: solitary

Flower: complete, white in color


Figure: Flower of guava

Calyx: urceolate

Corolla: petal 5-6

Androecium: stamen numerous in several series

Gynoecium: ovary inferior, carpels are usually 5

Fruit: berry


Guava fruit




Chromosome number: 2n=22

Economic importance: commonly edible, important source of vitamins.

Table 1. Some popular guava varieties are cultivated in Bangladesh


Serial Number Name of varieties Developed by Origin Year of release Average yield
1 IPSA, Pyara-1 BSMRAU Taiwan 1995 60-80 kg /plant
2 FTIP-BAU  Piara -1(Misty) BAU Local 2006 25-45 t/ha
3 FTIP-BAU  Piara -2(Ranga) BAU Local 2006 30-35 t/ha
4 FTIP-BAU Piara -3(Chowdhury) BAU Local 2006 20-35 t/ha
5 FTIP-BAU Piara -4(Apple) BAU Local 2006 20-30 t/ha
6 FTIP-BAU Piara -5(oval) BAU Local 2008 25-35 t/ha


7 FTIP-BAU Piara-6(Jelli) BAU Local 2008 30-35 t/ha


8 FTIP-BAU Pyara-7(seedless round) BAU Local 2010 30-35 t/ha
9 FTIP-BAU Payara-8(seedless oval) BAU Local 2010 25-30 t/ha
10 FTIP-BAU Payara-9 BAU Selected 2010 5-20 t/ha


11 Kazi Peyara BARI Exotic 1985 28 t/ha


12 BARI Peyara-2 BARI Exotic 1996 30 t/ha


13 BARI Peyara-3 BARI local 2003 10-12 t/ha
14 BARI Peyara-4 BARI local 2017 30-35 t/ha


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  • v senthil kumar

    I need a guava varity gives heavy yield more than 120 kg in a year, like bau-5, i need seeds , or fruits.

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