Local name: ‘Kul’

Scientific name: Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.





Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)

Kingdom        : Plantae
         : Magnoliophyta
Class              : Magnoliopsida

Subclass         : Rosidae

Order              : Rhamnales

Family            : Rhamnaceae

Genus             : Zizyphus

Species           : Z. mauritiana

Botanical Description of Jujube

Jujube orchard

Habit: A moderate sized tree or small tree, erect or spreading with drooping branches.

Root: Tap root system

Stem: Erect, woody branched, contains throne


Leaf: Simple, petiolate, alternate, elliptic ovate or obovate. Glossy and glabrous above,white-tomentose to rusty-tomentose beneath.


Inflorescence: Cymose in cluster

Ber infloresence

Flower: Small, greenish yellow, complete, actinomorphic hermaphrodite, pentamerous.

Ber leaf flower


Calyx: Sepal 5, gamosepalous

Corolla: Petal 5, polypetalous

Androecium: Stamen 5, polypetalous

Gynoecium: Carpel 2-3, syncarpous, ovary superior

Fruit: Drupe


Chromosome number: 2n=48

Economic Importance: The fruit is eaten as fresh or dried and also used as candied. It makes a refresh drink. The fruit has a rich source of vitamin-C vary greatly in quality.

Table 1. Jujubi (ber) varieties developed by BAU, BSMRAU and BARI


Serial Number Name of Variety Developed by Year of release Growing season Average yield (t/ha)
1 IFT BAU Kul- 1 GPC, BAU 2006 Rabi 10-50
2 IFT BAU Kul- 2 (Shah Kul) GPC,BAU 2009 Rabi 9-33
3 IFT BAU Kul- 3 (Barmi) GPC,BAU 2010 Rabi 9-25
4 BU kool 1 (apple kool) BSMRAU 2001 Rabi 150-180 kg/plant
5 BARI Kul-1 HRC, BARI 2003 Rabi 12 t/ha
6 BARI Kul-2 HRC, BARI 2003 Rabi 20 t/ha
7 BARI Kul-3 HRC, BARI 2009 Rabi 14 t/ha
8 BARI Ber-4 HRC, BARI 2013 Rabi 40-50 t/ha
9 BARI Ber -5 HRC, BARI 2017 Rabi 43-51 t/ha


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